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Where Have You Been?

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Honestly, I don’t really have a good excuse for why I haven’t been updating my blog. For that matter, I don’t have an excuse for why I haven’t been writing in general. I can point to reasons why I haven’t been diligent in my craft, but none of them area really good.

More often than not I’ve found it easier to sit around and watch a few episodes of MASTERS OF SEX or ELEMENTARY with my lady. Then it’s off to bury myself into whatever game I’m playing that month (Seriously, have you played Darkest Dungeon?).

You’re right, no excuse.

It also didn’t help that I received a pretty brutal critique recently and it stalled all my progress on all my projects. I feel like a living insect pegged to an exhibit case. Struggling to take off and get back to what I was doing before being skewered.

And it’s time to do just that.

To do that, I have several projects I need to get focused on.

  1. Start on my sixth draft. I have a major revision ahead of me. We’re talking novel spanning, character changing, revisions. But after much deliberation with trusted writing friends, it’s the right choice.
  2. Work on my short story collection. These stories will follow the characters from my short story “White Flame” published in the SWORD AND LASER ANTHOLOGY. I want this collection to be like the old Conan the Barbarian serials. Little one-off stories following, in this case, a group of miscreants as they travel across the world.
  3. Have fun with my new blog called STRANGE SCRIVENINGS. I set it up to be a sort of playground for writing. I play table top RPGs and some time ago the gaming company Monte Cook Games released a setting called The Strange. Everything about it screams at me to write some fiction set in their world. Using the blog, I plan to have some fun and write little bits of fiction. Most of it will be bad, but above all I just want to have fun.
So that’s my long term plan. In the short term I’ll be attending the Atlanta Writing Workshop this Saturday. I have the opportunity to pitch my book to two agents and get their feedback. And that’s exactly how I’m going into it, just expecting feedback. With the major revision I have planned, I’d doubt an agent would want it in its current state.

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