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Top Ten Favorite Screen Characters

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I normally don’t do these kinds of things. But when Christa Wojciechowski tagged me to talk about my top ten favorite on screen characters, I couldn’t resist. So let’s do this!

1. Hoban Washburne — Firfly/Serenity

A leaf on the wind


Alan Tudyk brought to life one of Joss Whedon’s best written characters. Who couldn’t fall in love with one of the best pilots in the verse?

2. Nathan Young — Misfits

I loved to hate him, but grew to like him as a character on TV. Had he been anyone I’d known in real life, I would have punched him in the face. Robert Sheehan did an amazing job with this character and I was sad when he left the show. Viva La Barry!

3. Maximus Decimus Meridius — Gladiator

Are you not entertained!

This was the first movie that really made me fall in love with film. And it was this character has stuck with me for years. Determined but still noble. He could have controlled Rome, but just wanted to be left alone to tend his farm. Amazing stuff.

4. Madmartigan — Willow

Brash and cocky but with the skill to back it up. Just like Willow said, “He is great!” One of Val Kilmer’s best roles in my opinion.

5. Beatrix Kiddo — Kill Bill

Good lord I can’t get enough of her awesomeness. Uma Thurman brought real depth to this character, that on the surface looks shallow. Seeing her breakdown in the aftermath of her revenge killing of Bill solidified her as one of my top characters of all time.

6. Mystery Men

Sure, I’m cheating here. But how could I choose between any of these characters? They are all incredible and need to be taken as a team to truly appreciate them as individuals. Though if I had to choose, I’d go with Mr. Furious.

7. Antonio Salieri — Amadeus

OK, I think maybe a part of me is just choosing great performances. But at the same time Salieri is so complex of a character you can’t help but be drawn in to him. His battle with God over his love/hatred for Mozart tears at you. I can’t get enough of it.

8. Bruce Wayne/Batman (1989) — Batman

This is my Batman. Keaton did what few others have been able to pull off when donning the cowl. He showed just has crazy Bruce Wayne is. That behind the mask was a man just as twisted and messed up as the people he fought against. I’d love to see someone capture that again.

9. Liz Lemon — 30 RockThere's no party like a Lemon Party

She embodies the quirkiness and oddity that I love in myself and my wife. Who couldn’t fall in love with this character?

10. Captain America — MCU

A real American Hero

People that know me well are probably surprised to see him this low on the list. But I’m a little hipstery when it comes to this character, as I loved him before he was cool (Read the Ultimates series which a lot of the movies are based on). What draws me to him is his unwavering resolve. He’s a true patriot, fighting for the rights of the people, not fighting for the rights of the government. You’ll see what I mean when Civil War hits theaters in the next year or so.

These are my top ten favorite screen characters. I supposed to tag ten more people but I don’t really have the kind of people to tag for something like this. But, if you read this and want to participate go right ahead! Link your page to my comments below and I’ll come check it out.


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  1. christawojo says:

    Great choices! Uma Thurman was on my list too. I actually had the same picture embedded and everything, and at the last minute I remembered Zhang Ziyi and switched. I also had Lucilla from Gladiator, but in the end I traded her in for Julia Roberts. It was tough. Thanks for participating!

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