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30 Days of Flash

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*Blows the dust off his blog*

A couple of years ago I set out to write one piece of flash fiction, every day for thirty days. These were to be a minimum of 1000 words. Another rule was that I couldn’t prewrite or preplan any of the stories. They had to be fresh that day. Forcing myself to write down whatever popped into my head. It was challenging but very rewarding.

Admittedly I didn’t finish out the 30 days.  I believe I only made it to day 13 or 14. And some of the days ended up being Part 2s of various stories that I wanted to finish. That brought me to around 9 or 10 shorts in all. But what I got out of them was incredible. Out of one of them came my novel and series, “Wil and The Weird.” So even if I didn’t finish the run, I still came away with a great gem of an idea.

And that’s the ultimate point. Playing around with ideas. Testing out the waters and seeing what flows or what excites you. I treat these as my Toy Trucks that Stephen King talks about. I get to play around and during the play find out what works and what doesn’t.

I encourage anyone to join in! Some days will be fun. Others will be maddening. But over all, you’ll be thankful that you did it.

So, starting tomorrow. 30 days of Flash begins.

Quick addendum. If you participate, please tweet or tumblr your work with the hashtag #30DaysofFlash. I’d love to read what every one is doing.



  1. I may join you in this!

  2. christawojo says:

    This sounds like a blast. I don’t know if I have the endurance, but once I’m done revising my novel I would like to try this. Thanks for the idea, Jeffrey!

  3. […] This story is also part of a challenge to write 30 days of Flash Fiction by Jeffery N Baker.  […]

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