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Going On A Which Hunt

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I am normally the king of homonyms, but this one was on purpose. Just the other day I was going through my novel to clean up some of the grammar problems when I noticed a recurring issue — the dreaded Which. Many of my several sentence fragments — another problem of mine — started with the word which. Obviously there isn’t a big problem using it, but after a while it becomes very noticeable. Then I have to ask myself, “Is there a better way to write this?”

The answer will always be yes.

The reason I think so is because all a sentence like that is doing is telling the reader something. How weak. Generally this happened in cases where I would describe an action and follow it up with something like, “Which made Wil angry.”


This lead me to realize I need to go on a Which Hunt. They all need to die in ways most gruesome. There is even a good chance that I could cut those sentences altogether and not miss a beat. It would be just like a witch, to sneak into a story and mess it all up. What a jerk.

I’m sure there are other words like that that I’ll find. Two of my other big offenders are so and just. They pop up all the time, but luckily I have gotten to the point that I can catch them while I’m writing.

What are your Whichs?



  1. Jenn Lyons says:

    For a moment. That was my which for Blood Chimera. I found 52 (!) instances of ‘for a moment’ used in the novel.

    I kept ONE.

  2. Lia Carel says:

    ‘began to’. I noticed I was using ‘he began to run’ instead of ‘he ran’, or ‘she began to turn’ instead of ‘she turned’. I left in a couple where the need was obvious and reworked the rest in the novel.
    I just did a count for which – 24 of them. oops, going to have to rework those.
    And don’t mention ‘that’ that is/which is also used like ‘which’, I’ve so many of those!

  3. I’ll have to take a look at BATTLE FOR THE WASTELANDS and look for “whiches,” “began to,” etc. The lower the word count, the easier it’ll be to get it published as a first-timer. Thanks for the ideas.

    Here are some more:

    “That”-Most of the time it’s not really necessary.

    “Of Them”-Instead of saying “both of them” did something, say “both” did something.

    I cut nearly 4,000 words from BATTLE (getting it from 104K to 100K) and cutting “of them” was a big help.

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