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LibertyCon 2013

It’s that time of year again, convention season. Like last year I’m heading off to LibertyCon. For those that haven’t been or don’t know, it’s a fantastically well put together convention for Science Fiction and Fantasy enthusiasts. There are a load of great authors that attend every year and the panels informative.

Last year I was very lucky to have coffee with Brandon Sanderson and ask him some writing questions. As well as get some of my books signed by Timothy Zahn. Who is a major influence in why I wanted to write.

This year is a big year for me as my book is done and I’ll be looking for an agent and/or publisher soon. Which means getting names and trying to get to know people. There is a YA panel on Sunday that I hope will be good for networking.

I plan on doing a postmortem on the trip. So be sure to check back and see how it all went!



We Are Not Alone

Another blogger, Lia Carel, ran into similar issues with starting a second draft that I did.  Lots of “advice” that isn’t really explained by other authors. I’d like to submit her take on starting a second draft.

The second draft edit.”

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