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The Second Draft – A Harrowing Journey

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What a crazy ride it has been. Starting my first book my goals were simple. Outline a book and shoot for 50 thousand words. For a first timer it felt more than reasonable. By the end of the first draft I had something like 82k words. I was stoked. At that word count I had plenty of editing room. After a bit of a break to distance myself from the work I jumped into the second draft.

I stumbled quickly. See, there is plenty of material on the internet about how to write a first draft, but so very little on doing your second. Makes you wonder how many unedited manuscripts are floating around out there. Probably more than we could count in a weekend.

With that in mind I plan on trying to remedy that. Over the next several posts I’m going to be breaking open my experiences on starting that second draft. And maybe I’m in the minority. Maybe everyone is really swish with second drafts and just struggle with that initial output. But, just in case I’ll talk about it anyway.

On a slightly different note, in celebration of finishing my second I’d like to show everyone a little bit of concept art I drew up. Being inspired by my coworker Jenn Lyons I decided to draw a character from my book. May I present Brenda Courdry, AKA Brenda the Beast, AKA Brenda the Seventh Grade Giant. A head taller than most eighth graders, she’s the First Home position on her Lacrosse team, and a powerhouse on the field.  She has a penchant for giving people nicknames. Why learn their real name when they aren’t worth her time to begin with?


Brenda Courdry

Brenda Courdry


Hope you enjoy it! I look forward to presenting more characters at a later date. Come back for more!



  1. Jenn Lyons says:

    She disapproves of me. I can tell.

  2. I love the drawing and congrats on the accomplishment. It is inspiring to see someone writing and going after their goals. Best of luck with everything 🙂

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