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Big, Bad, Evil, Duotrope

I know, I’m late to the party. But how DARE Duotrope turn into a pay for service. This is uncalled for. Don’t they know we are tortured artists, receiving rejection letter after rejection letter? And now they want to drive the knife in further by asking for us to pay for the upkeep of THEIR website that they allow us to access.

I say.

Especially at the exorbitant price of $5.00 a month. That’s practically highway robbery. How am I supposed to eat out for lunch everyday with prices like that? Outrageous. Oh, you’re going to cut me a break if I pay $50 upfront for a year? What am I, Daddy Warbucks? I’d have to cancel my XBox Live account just to keep afloat. Or, heaven forbid, never go out to see a movie again. Duotrope, are you trying to kill me?

Don’t they know that money only flows to the writer? And especially to a fledgling one like myself. In a sense, they should be paying ME for padding out their statistics pages. While I’m at it, I should also get book covers for free and layout for free. Everyone else should just be happy they’re getting exposure from my work.

So get with it Duotrope. You’re taking advantage of me. I’m a pennyless writer who needs a leg up to get my world-shattering stories out to the masses. Why are you trying to stop me?

You’re evil and heartless. Moneygrabbers, who are gaining record profits (we can all assume this is true) off the backs and hard work of all these writers. I’m disgusted.

You make my skin crawl.


Changing Tactics

My second draft has been painful. Each night I’d open up my Scrivener document, take a look at what changes I needed to make, begin to feel overwhelmed, and then shut everything down. So far the process has been rather debilitating and demoralizing.

I’m currently working through what I’m calling a “Logic Edit.” And it’s just like it sounds, clearing up the logic so that the book makes coherent sense. For instance, I may have realized later in the book that I needed something to happen earlier. So I’d make a note of it and write the rest of the book as if it did happen. Now is the point of making sure those things did happen.

Part of this edit was making a second outline. In this outline I bold all the parts that are new additions or fixes. This helps me see all the changes quickly and pick them out as needed. As I complete them, I highlight them and move on. This method has worked great on the smaller bits. But when it has come to changing larger sections, or removing entire chapters, I feel like an obelisk is about to fall on me.

I’ve been stymied for about two or three weeks because of it.

Yesterday, I realized I needed to change my tactic. What I was doing wasn’t working. I was churning my wheels in wet cement that was quickly drying. So what could I do to fix it? Identify my current strategy then devise a new one obviously.

Current Strategy: Skip around the book all willy-nilly and fix the changes I have marked.

Problem: Foreseeing how its affecting later sections. Which is what became so debilitating. I couldn’t foresee how it’d affect everything. Especially when we’re talking about removing entire chapters. That means the rest of the book needs any mention of those moments removed. And how could I possibly remember every one of those?

New Strategy: Start at the beginning and read it straight through and edit it straight through. Stop jumping around and take it one chapter at a time. As They say, how do you eat a whale? One bite a time.

I think this will give me a bigger bang for my buck as well. It will give me a chance to tighten up other portions as I see them and bring up the entire project as a whole. Last night I slinked through chapter one without feeling any sense of dread. I was finally working on the book again and it felt good. I believe a second benefit will be that I’ll get back into the groove of the story before hitting the major changes that happen later. And once I’m in the groove, these changes will be much easier to do.

Now, all I have to do is get this done by the end of April. I will be missing by projected date of having it finished by Q1 for my beta readers (sorry William). But only by a month. So that’s something. Wish me luck!

New Anthology by Sword and Laser

Hey everyone. Sword and Laser is now accepting submissions for a new anthology, now until May 15. If you have a story between 2 and 7k words looking for a home, this may be something to look into. It would be a good opportunity to get a paid publication under your belt.

Sword and Laser.

And as usual, read the Guidelines first.

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