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I’ve been working on my YA novel now for over a year and I haven’t said much about it. The bulk of my posts are about the process of writing in general and my experience with self-publishing. Now, for the first time I want to share a little something I cooked up.

Wil's diagram of the Five Pillars of Science

The Five Pillars of Science

Our little hero, Wil McEnroe, is something of a science nerd. With a little creative spark, he’s put together this diagram. It shows how he sees the Natural Sciences, and how they relate to one another. I may still tweak it some. But I thought my first crack on it looks pretty sweet.

The series is SciFi-Fantasy with a dash of Horror. So while Wil relies on the power of Science, his enemies fall back on the Weird world of Magic. In the coming days I may post the antithesis to this diagram. We’ll see how I feel.

In the meantime I’m going to keep editing my book in order to hand it off to my beta readers. They’ve been anxious to read it.



  1. Posting extra content on your blog for the readers. Good idea. I’ve been doing interviews with the cast members of my Amazon stories to try to drum up business (it was originally Malissa’s idea).

    You could do that for your book once it’s available. And in the shorter-term, maybe you could interview the protagonist of “Slip Drive”? It could take place before the events of the story, much like my interviews of Ian and Sarah from “Melon Heads” and the Grand Vizier from “The Beast of the Bosporus” do.

  2. My idea would help you get more traction with the story in the first place. People would come across the post via Internet searches (especially if you use a lot of keywords, like “science” or include details about the science behind it), get their interest piqued by the interview, and then link to your story.

    (However, the amount of interest the post might generate might not be all that much–the most popular “character interview” post I’ve got on my blog is 51 hits, with the least popular having 15. Of course, I only self-pubbed my first story in September and my first character interview is from around that time.)

    I’d offer to write the interview myself as a guest post, except you know his world and characterization better than I do and could write much better answers.

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