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Monolithic Wall, thy name is Editing.

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I’ve hit that next stage in writing a book. Editing it. I took some time off from it. Wrote a short story, edited another one, and also read through the novel. All in attempts to have a clear mind when coming back to the table.

But when I think about starting, I do get a bit paralyzed. Because I can’t really determine where I should start. Or how I should start. Certainly, I know what portions need attention. There are scenes needing to be cut and scenes needing to be added. But those feel like such daunting tasks.

What’s more, is that I know what the answer to this problem really is. Just do it. Get in there and start making a mess. Pick a point and attack it. Mix it up with the manuscript. I even have a pretty decent idea of how to do that. But for some reason, when I get prepared to start, I freeze.

I know I’m not the first person to have this problem. And I won’t be the last. I just wish this part was as easy as writing the stupid thing. Which wasn’t particularly smooth itself.

Ugh, time to just do it.




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