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Plans for 2013

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Velkommen, my friends. It’s that time for people to talk about resolutions and things they are going to change! But not for me. I don’t feel the need to bother with those kinds of declarations. Instead, I just know what I need to do. Granted, resolution means to make a firm decision to do or not to do something. But in context of New Years is feels like it is always meant as, “I was bad at doing this last year. But by gum I’m going to be better at doing that thing I didn’t do!”

For me, heading into 2013, I have some very firm actions that have to take place. First is sending out my short story to be considered for the “Thunder On The Battlefield” anthology. I’ve put it through my reading group, made several edit passes, and I think it’s ready to go. That’s priority one and will be checked off tonight.

Second up is to start editing my book. There are major revisions and cuts that are crying to be made to it. In later chapters I mention scenes from earlier in the book that I’ve yet to write. There are scenes in the book calling to be cut, while others need to be moved forward. Just from my experience editing my short stories, I know this is going to be a bear.

Ultimately my goal there is to have it done some time around the end of February or March. Hand it off to my beta readers and then start on some of my other writing projects. “The Afterlife Hypothesis” is in need of a new ending and a few other short stories have been sliding around my brain space. I’ll snatch up one of those and see where they take me.

With luck, by the end of summer I’ll be working on the second edit pass of my book, taking me into fall. Once that’s done, we hand it off again to some more readers. From there, it all depends on their feedback whether or not I start shopping it around to agents and publishers, or start a third edit pass.

And to be clear, this edit passes are just for content. I’m not counting the number of grammar passes and general clean up I’ll be doing.

Yeah, 2013 is going to be busy.


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