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Come join me on Google Plus

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been really diving into Google+, and I’m loving it. Most of my friends have given me weird looks when I talk about it. And I hear the same things. “No one is using it. The place is a graveyard.” That is when I invite them to check out my feed, which has a mass of new content daily.

That’s when I say, “You’re using it incorrectly.”

Most people are trying to use G+ like Facebook. I find my friends and we post pictures to one another and let each other know what we’re up to. Which is totally fine to do with G+, but that’s not the only thing you can, or should do with it.

I explain it like this. G+ is like taking Facebook and Twitter and smashing them together into one beautiful interface. Follow your friends, but follow other people as well. Find others that share similar interest as you. Which is easy enough because you can search by hashtags or see what is trending for the day. Once you’ve done that, start dropping these people in circles.

Oh yes, circles. Where the real power of G+ comes into play. I have people separated out into family, RPG pals, writing groups, celebrities, and so-on. It’s awesome. And as I post content I can filter who sees what by selecting the appropriate circle. That way I’m not bombarding my family with gaming news that they won’t or don’t care about.

Lastly, are the new communities that Google has introduced. Within hours I’ve signed up for several writing communities that have been awesome. We’ve been having great debates on the state of the industry, sharing tips, and being generally supportive of one another.

If you’re looking for great communication about whatever you’re interested in, I highly recommend giving G+ another look.


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