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The Changing of the Guard – WordPress.org

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Prior to having this wordpress.com blog I had a self-hosted blog using wordpress.org. There is a bit of give and take between the two. With having a .COM account, I don’t get much control over the look of the blog or what type of widgets I can place on it. But, I am connected into the wider WordPress network. Making it easier to find other writers and followers. Who in turn I follow.

With a .ORG blog, I have a load of control over the look. I have a much cleaner address and whatever plugins and widgets I can think of. The big draw back is that I’m then disconnected from that network of other blog users. Which is a bummer.

But, I still felt that having a cleaner web address and having control over the look of the site was most important. With that said I am going to draw down my usage of this blog in favor of my self-hosted one. If you’re a follower of mine using wordpress.com, I was not able to migrate your subscription to the new site. Another part of the limitation.

So, if you’re still interested in keeping up with my thoughts on writing and the progress of my first book, head on over to http://jeffreynbaker.com/blog! I look forward to seeing you all there.



  1. That is interesting, I just bought my blog’s name as a .com name lastnight, and everything switched over and the blog is the exact same, with the theme options and widgets and whatnot. The name is just cleaner, and if someone goes to the old address of wordpress.com it still redirects them to the new site. I guess maybe I don’t fully understand the whole situation, but good for you on making a shift that works for you!

    • Basically what is happening is the url is now showing the http://www.name.com but still using the wordpress.com servers/database. Which is definitely one way to go. Since I already had my domain name, I can do a self-hosted wordpress. This means I do all the setup/coding on my end. I can download themes, and change them completely on a code level.

      Just one of those things. I do have a subscribe button on the new blog. So hopefully I can still entice people to follow that one 🙂

  2. I also love the community, which is something I wish the .org could tap into. We’ll see what happens overtime.

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