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No insights for today. I didn’t really have any yesterday either. That’s why I’m a day late with my post. I like to have something to talk about if I’m going to make a post. But unfortunately I’ve got nothing.

This generally leads to a post about what I’m working on. Though I hate to do those. How many times can you resort to that kind of post before people grow board of your blog? That leads me to the question, perhaps I update too much? I shoot for a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. So I can see how that would make me run out of material quickly.

Yeesh, this post is turning into a Sienfeld episode. It’s a post about nothing.

It may be time to do a challenge I attempted last year. It’s pretty simple if you’re interested in trying it too. Originally the concept was to write a new, 1000 word short story every day for thirty days. This got to be a really hard thing to do. For several reasons. Making time for it was something of a stretch. At the time I wasn’t writing anything, either. So this go around I could run into problems.

Another problem was just having something to write about. But that actually ends up being a good thing. Because you are forced to think quickly and generate ideas. How do you do that? By being more observant of the world around you.

Now that I think about it, that’s a blog post I’ll write more about. Observation and You: A true artist’s story.

For this go around, I may stick to my standard update schedule. But drop in a small “flash fiction” piece. They are fun and you’d be surprised at what you may develop.

Hey, it’s how I came up with the idea for my novel.

So, get on it!


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