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It’s been a long time coming, but I finally did it. I’ve switched my animation website over to a writing website. To some degree it’s sad to see the passing of that phase in my life. I had spent many years cultivating my skill in animation and trying to forge connections in that industry. But it wasn’t happening for me.

I see now that–as cliche as this sounds–I didn’t it bad enough. Which is a statement I used to balk at. Now I finally see what that really means. At this time I’ve put more time and energy into my writing than I have ever done with animation or even acting (despite having an agent at one point).

But that part of my life has moved away and I’m going full boar into writing. And it was time my official website reflected that. There are still major sections of it that I need to work out. Mostly the Author section (an about me) and filling out the section of what I’ve worked on.

One aspect of the website is now I have included a progress bar for many of the projects I’m working on. I’ve seen other authors with them and it’s something I enjoy to see. So I thought I’d steal appropriate the idea from them. If you’re interested in checking that out, you can head over and see what’s up.

Sorry for no insights into writing or the writing process today. However, I’m nearing the end of the first draft of my first novel. It’s definitely an exciting place to be and I can’t wait to talk about my experience with that.

Because then I get to write about the revision process.




  1. beatbox32 says:

    It’s funny how our hobbies and desires change over time. I ran a techie blog for a couple of years and just ran out of steam. It’s still my day job, but writing is my greater passion now.

    I like the progress bar widget! I need to get one of those…

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