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And we’re back. SIGGRAPH was an interesting experience. It has always been one of those conventions that I heard a lot about but never had the chance to go. When I was in college, it was the convention to go to. The potential for making professional connections was said to be huge.

Well for this excursion I was there on company time. In my day job I’m an animator for a slot machine developer. We’ve been getting into newer technology lately so they sent our art director along with another coworker and myself to see what was up and coming.

We spent three days there and sat in on many panels. Listening to how the developers at ILM and Weta brought “The Avengers” to the big screen was awesome. There was also a panel on “Brave,” “The Amazing Spiderman,” and “Hotel Transylvania.” Each of these went into great detail on their production problems and solutions.

On the writing side of things, not much happened. I had a total of eight hours flight time that I spent a good deal of sleeping, reading, and outlining. I was able to finish a book titled “The Tomb” by F. Paul Wilson that I’ll review later. Along with that I was able to get a good deal outlined for my Defy the Dark entry.

That particular short story is being a bit troublesome. I have a solid idea and how it will flow, but the ending just isn’t what I want. I figure at this point I’ll begin to write it and see what happens. Many times when I hit these points it means I have to dig into the meat of the story and see what’s there.

In the mean time my novel is kind of on a hiatus. Which sucks because I’m nearing the end. But there are some other projects that are taking priority. However, I feel that as long as I’m writing I’m not wasting my time. Each new page is a lesson learned.

Oh, and I’m still waiting to hear back from Asimov’s on my short story “Retire.” Checking on it now, it still says it is open. Hopefully I’ll hear something within the next week or so. My brother said his took 8 weeks.

Well, time to put pen to paper. See you all Monday.


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  1. “The Tomb” is an awesome book, and we see the Rakoshi later in other F. Paul Wilson books.

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