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If you’ve every wanted to be a part of an anthology, here’s your chance! There are two great opportunities coming up that I wanted to share with everyone. One is all about sword and sorcery, blood and steel style of writing. The other, a contest to be published alongside some of the industries leading YA authors.

For the sword and sorcery, you may have seen my critique of James R. Tuck‘s novel “Blood and Bullets.” Well he has just announced that he is working on a project with Seventh Star Press for a Sword and Sorcery anthology.

If you’re inclined to write that kind of story–think original Conan–then this may be the anthology that’s been calling your name. I have an idea of my own that I think will work well for it. It’s not due until January of next year, so get to writing!

For more details you can go here.

If that isn’t your thing, then how about the Defy the Dark contest being hosted by Figment.com. If you’re one of the lucky winners, your story will be published alongside such authors as  Sarah Rees Brennan, Rachel Hawkins, Beth Revis, and Jackson Pearce.

The contest runners have one basic rule about the story. It must take place at night and in the dark. Also, it only has to be 2 to 4k words long. Easy, right?

For more of the finer points, check it out here.

Both look like a lot of fun and I plan to enter both. How about you?



  1. Hmmm…if I could cut 400 words from “Nicor,” I might be able to enter it in “Defy the Dark.” It’s under consideration by LORE right now, but if they don’t want it…

  2. Hmm. I wonder if “G Is for Gravesite” (with a possibly better name) might fit the bill? It’s under 4000 and it takes place at night with two teens and their dad digging up the grave of their grandmother. That’s kind of creepy, right? 🙂

  3. beatbox32 says:

    These both sound like great outlets for some diverse work. Thanks for sharing them! I’m planning on putting something together for both.

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