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My LibertyCon Schedule

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I’m going over the scheduled events for LibertyCon. Once aspect, and something I’ve failed to get across, is that the Con is also geared toward Science and Science-Fiction. So there are panels on straight science fact. Which is rather awesome. I don’t want to focus purely on writing panels, as some of these science panels could lead to story ideas.

I haven’t spoken with my friends that I’m going with yet. But I figured I’d come up with a tentative schedule of things I’d like to do/see.


3:00 – Autograph session. I plan on getting two books signed by Zahn and probably my kindle by him and Sanderson.

5:00 – Opening Ceremonies.

6:00 – Writing Series: Keeping the Reader Hooked

8:00 – Young Adult SF&F

From there I’ll keep things loose. I’m not sure how long my compatriots will want to stay at the Con or when everyone will want to eat.


10:00 – Self Promotion. This will depend on when everyone wants to get in.

12:00 – Plot Characterization with Brandon Sanderson

1:00 – Self Publishing as a viable option

Break for eating probably

4:00 – Guest of Honor speeches

5:00 – The Dark Side of Paranormal

6:00 – Proofreading & Copy Editing Seminar for Self Publishing

7:00 – ‘Packaging a Submission & Polishing to Publish’ Workshop

I’ve got this one packed. But I couldn’t see any way I could miss any of those panels later in the afternoon.


2:00 – Reading by Brandon Sanderson

After Saturday I’m keeping Sunday loose.  I’ll go to whatever tickles my fancy. Hopefully my writing friends won’t mind my craziness in wanting to go to all of these panels. If they don’t, well, they are welcome to do whatever they want 😀



  1. I second Gary’s motion. Take notes and post them on your blog like I did with my various DragonCon panels.

  2. Greg Baker says:


    Take a smart pen with you. Take notes + record lectures + convert to pdf + share on the internet + change your life.

    Well, maybe not change your life, but it will come damn close.

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