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The End is Nigh

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The final chapters of my novel are coming on fast. And I’m starting to feel a bit lost in my own story. Which is a strange place to be in when I’ve outlined the story. But so much has changed as I’ve been writing that I feel a disconnect between what has made it onto paper, and what was originally planned.

This puts me at a crossroads. One part of me just tells me to finish it and clean it up later. Which I would tell anyone else to do. And a piece of advice you’d read pretty much everywhere.

But since I’m hurtling toward the climax, the other side says I should stop. Go back and read my entire book up to this point — still no editing, just note taking — and get a clear idea of what my end goal is. Specifically some of the finer details.

Probably a bad idea. Considering how close I am.

Ultimately it comes down to butt in chair, hands on keyboard (for me that should be pen to paper). Taking my own advice is the best solution.

I’m almost there. There is no intention of giving up. Just the intention of having a solid foundation to edit off of.



  1. It probably wouldn’t hurt to tweak your outline if so much has changed that your outline is no longer a valid representation of your story. Forcing it to fit an outdated outline is only going to frustrate you, probably.

    Note: I’m not saying “rewrite” anything. I’m saying to re-examine where the story is going and revise your outline so you can see the new shape in your head so you know where the new endpoint is.

  2. If the story changes in the course of writing, that’s no big deal. The “Wastelands” novels as they are now are radically different than when I began world-building for them back in high school.

    (Catalina Merrill and Falki Grendelsson–in fact, Grendel’s harem and children–were not part of the original story. The saga was originally a trilogy too, and now it’s slated for eight books. And the concept of a novella never occurred to me at all.)

    Re-reading what you’ve got so far to make sure everything follows properly is not a big deal, but given my own tendencies to procrastinate, it might be better to finish and then re-read. Either way before you send it to an agent/publisher or post on Amazon, you’ll be going over it a lot.

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