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Kreativ Blogger Award

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A fellow blogger, Ryan M. Murphy, has nominated this blog for the Kreativ Blogger award. This is a unique little award as it is something like a viral networking for creative people. I did some research on it–as it is my nature to discover–and came across its origins.

The Kreativ Blogger award was started by a Norwegian woman named Hulda Husfrue. Its purpose, to allow others a way to recognize blogs they find entertaining or informative in the creative arts.

With that said, I want to thank Ryan for nominating me. I’m glad he’s able to find my blog entertaining!

There is a small caveat, as I must perform a certain set of rules in order to “claim” my award. So, in the spirit of good fun I’ll fill out my portion!

First, I must thank my nominator. So, again, thank you Ryan.

Second, I am required to list seven interesting things about myself.

  1. I am a professional animator by day.
  2. Apart of the Thespian’s Society and Thespian Actor, Troupe 2020.
  3. Was an animator on the short lived, David Cross cartoon “Freak Show.”
  4. First published work with eFiction Magazine.
  5. Former LARPer.
  6. Currently an avid Pen and Paper roleplayer.
  7. Favorite comic-book character is Captain America.

And lastly, I will nominate seven blogs for the same award.

  1. Matthew Quinn — The World According to Quinn
  2. Gary Henderson
  3. Beth Dawkins — Sweet –  Books’n Stuff
  4. Jeyna Grace
  5. Lawrence Pearce
  6. Gregory Allen — What’s Real To Me
  7. J. S. Chancellor

There we go. Everyone have a good day.



  1. Awesome. Thanks a bunch.

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