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Nothing much to talk about today. I’m knee deep in my rewrite for my Underwords submission and I feel I’ve got a strong story on my hands. Last evening I brought up to a friend that I was unsure if the theme would be too deep for a YA short story. That theme being, “What does it mean to be human?” He brought up a great point that “Ender’s Game” deals with some heavy subject matter and is considered YA.

So that made me feel a bit easier about what I am doing with my own story.

As usual, I’m having a hard time with the title. But I have faith that I’ll come up with something. Or maybe one of my friends will help with that aspect.

One aspect about the story that has surprised me is the setting. As I’m writing the short, I find myself wanting to explore the world further. Explore the main character Prama and her relationship with the clone soldiers. I mean, what having an army comprised entirely of clones really mean? I think it could be fun to explore.

Maybe one day I’ll flesh out this short into something longer. But as of now, I’m limited to a 6k wordcount.

I mean, “Ender’s Game” was a short story first. Why can’t this one follow the same trajectory, right? Write.


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