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Slow day

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Been staring at my blog, trying to figure out what to talk about. I’ve got nothing really. No insights have been brought to my desk by the wings of singing blue-jays. I even waited for the David the Gnome’s fox companion to delivery today’s message via scroll-in-mouth.

But no luck.

I suppose I’ll resort to a quick update.

I’ve broken ground on my short story submission for the Futuredaze anthology. I’m hitting the midpoint with it and realized that I’ll have to do some major changes to the beginning. It wasn’t supporting the major theme like I need it to. For a novel it would be a fine beginning. But with short stories, you have to hit your main point fast and hard. Otherwise it can feel like it comes out of no where.

Doesn’t bother me too much however. Because I was able to find the character’s voice with what I did.

My goal is to finish it this weekend. Do a bit of polish and then find some poor saps to critique it “off the clock.”

I don’t mind talking about it, for those interested.

Prama Mitra, a fourteen year old girl, has been chosen as the Conscript for the front-line battle on Titan. A prestigious opportunity, Prama will spend the next two years supporting the S-Class clone army against the Separatists. Her duties are simple: follow the three “R”s. Retrieve. Report. Retire.

That’s my initial pitch until I finish the story. So far it has been fun to write some more SciFi. It has been a while.


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