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Lectures Fo Yo Brain

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I bring up Brandon Sanderson a lot around here. Which would probably mean that I’m a big fan of his work. However, that’s not really the case. I’ve read the first book in his Alcatraz series and wasn’t really taken by it. I’ve also attempted his first Mistborn book and it didn’t grab me either.

So why does he get so much notice around my blog?

Because of the wealth of lectures and free talks he gives/posts around the internet. Say what you will about his writing. His ability to break down stories and characters is fantastic. I love his ability to dish out the information in digestible chunks. He has a fantastic mind for the subject and is a wonderful teacher.

With that said, I have come across another group of lectures from Brandon. From the websites’s description:

The complete video footage of Brandon Sanderson’s 2012 creative writing class at Brigham Young University.

Which is pretty awesome if you ask me. I’m going to be working my way through them and can’t wait to learn, re-learn, and grow. Can’t complain with that, right? Write.



1 Comment

  1. beatbox32 says:

    I finished the first lecture last week and have started the second. Good stuff!

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