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The sweet smell of digital money

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Received an email from Amazon last night, stating that I shall be receiving my first deposit for my short stories. That’s right everyone, I can now say I’m a paid author. You will now all refer to me as Professional Author Jeffrey N. Baker now.

Excuse me, I’m having to extract my tongue from my cheek.

Seriously, I do find it kind of cool. Though I think for the most part my foray into self-publication, for the time being, is at a standstill. I won’t be pushing the work like I had been. The marketing involved is too time consuming and I would rather spend that time writing, polishing, and getting a novel finished.

The process was worth it, I’ll admit. I learned a lot and next time will know exactly how to go about getting my work out there and into people’s hands. But for the time being, I’ll throw both works up on Smashwords for free in the coming months. Sales have nearly dried up as it is, so I don’t feel like I’ll be losing out on anything.

In other news.

A writing friend, Gary Henderson, sent me a link about an upcoming Anthology for sci-fi YA. It is going to be called “Futurdaze.” It sounds like a load of fun which I’m going to jump on with a quickness. As I get deeper into the literary world, I find that I want to get my name out there more and more. And I think this is an avenue for that.

Speaking of anthologies, I will have another submission appear in Volume 3 of “Fables for Japan.” It is titled “Brothers’ Three” and gets a bit dark. What makes this particular submission interesting is that it is my first comic I’ve ever written. Thanks to my good friend Chris Bivins for lending his amazing art to tell the story visually.

Once that book is out, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Well, that’s all for today. I’m sure you had a stupendous time reading my words. Right? Write.



  1. If you don’t mind me asking, how much will this check be?

    Once ad revenues from my blog hit $100, they’ll cut me a check. However, Amazon and Blogger aren’t the same entity.

    • Oh, this first one is only for $18 bucks. That’s the first round. In total I’ll have made around $35 between the US and UK.

      On Fri 27/04/12 2:51 PM , “comment-reply@wordpress.com”

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