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So it was true.

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The 30 thousand word block hit me, and it hit me hard.  I had read from other authors that getting up to the 30k mark will be easy. But once you get past it, you’ll run aground. When I started getting close to it I thought they were crazy. I was blazing through the word count. Pulling in close to 3k words per chapter and sailing for the horizon.

Well call me Truman because the horizon was painted on a wall.

For me it happened around 35k. I wish I knew exactly what really caused the issue. Right now I point to the fact that I wanted to add some plot points to earlier chapters in order to make the chapters I was writing make sense. Now most of my writing friends have said, “Just make a note of it and move on.” But man, my brain just wants to have those details. I imagine it is in order to be able to sell the recall.

It’s like, if it isn’t there then it isn’t real or something. That’s where the next bit of advice you always hear came in to do some heavy lifting.

Push past it.

So I did. And I think the only way I was able to do it was because of my writing group. I signed up to be critiqued at our next meeting. What this does is kick me in the pants to meet my deadline. And I tell you, it worked. Very well.

I sat down to write chapters 12 and 13 and ended up with enough material to already have 14 in the bag in just a day or so. The only thing I know for certain is that 12 and 13 will need a lot of work. They aren’t as solid as I’m used to having with my others.

But at this point that doesn’t matter. The goal for the first draft is to get your ideas down on paper. See the story beyond your initial thoughts and then figure out what needs to be brought up and what needs to be knocked down. And I have a feeling a lot in 12 and 13 can be thrown out. But that’s OK.

In fact, I broke 40k with these two chapters. And based on how much I’ve been putting into each one, I’ll easily surpass my initial goal of 50k. And seeing how things are going, I’ll probably even have more than 20 chapters like I initially planed as well. Which is fantastic. I’d love to have far more than I need than too little. I want room to chop as much as possible and tighten up this book.

At this point, I’m on the downhill. Racing to some big reveals and really pumping up the drama. Wil is in for some surprises.





  1. beatbox32 says:

    Glad to hear your workshop group helped get you over the hump. It’s amazing what a deadline will do.

  2. Now this is certainly good to hear.

  3. I second beatbox32’s deadline comment. The reason I finished “Battle” so quickly and got the first two chapters of “Son of Grendel” done in time is that I wanted to submit them.

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