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First 11 chapters

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My wife and I decided it was time for her to start reading my novel. Up to this point I have kept it close to my chest. For two reasons. One, she wanted to be able to read the novel in one go. And two, I wanted to get her genuine reaction to the novel after it had been fully re-written and edited.

But with my recent blocks on the story, we felt it was time she read it and maybe she could be a sounding board on what may be off. She has always been good at giving me a nugget of an idea that I can run with and expand on. Without her, “Hiroko’s Tale” probably wouldn’t be the story it is today.

So I printed out the pages for her:

80 pages of my novel


There you have the first 11 chapters of my novel, tentatively titled “Where the Weird Things Are.” It is very awesome to see it all out on paper like that. All 33k words, single spaced, one-sided. That roughly came out to 80 pages. But man, something about seeing all those words on paper really made me feel good. Accomplished even.

Maybe that’s why I have a bigger drive for traditional publication over self-publishing. I get a much bigger high seeing the physical copy of my labor.

Now I just need to get it done and find a publisher. Easy, right? Write.



  1. beatbox32 says:

    That stack looks beautiful! 🙂 I hope to have the same someday. I’m looking forward to seeing the effect your wife’s input has on where the novel goes.

  2. Seeing your hard work physically in front of you is a thing of beauty! I’d like to check the novel out when it’s released. Good luck with the rest of it!

    • Once my beta readers rip through it, I’ll give it a solid re-write and then start shopping it to publishers. I know there is a self-pub revolution going on. But I figured I’d give it a go and see what happens.

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