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One step forward

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I have a good wife. Last night she looked at me and said, “Go write.”

She can be very persuasive.

So I sat down in my little writing nook in the guest room and pumped out a few pages. I can’t say that I’ve broken my rut. But I can say that I’ve taken my own advice given to beatbox32 and powered through. With the help of my wife’s shove.

Not much to say on the novel front other than that. I’m getting some things done and should have two more chapters for my local writing group this Sunday.

KDP Update

Well, March has come and gone and I have a small update to how “Slip Drive” and “Hiroko’s Tale” have done over that month. Hiroko didn’t do much of anything so I won’t speak on it, but “Slip Drive” ended up selling 30 copies over that month. That is actual sales, not freebies. I make that distinction because I see a lot of people talk about their numbers, but they tend to only mention their free units.

With that said, I think 30 copies with no advertisement on my part isn’t that bad really. A little less than one a day. I haven’t had anymore people leave reviews but with the ones that are there, I think they help give me the few sales that I do have.

My next step is to put both “Hiroko’s Tale” and “Slip Drive” up on Smashwords once their KDP Select enrollment is done. Hiroko was done on the 16th and I have to wait until the 29th for “Slip Drive.” It will be interesting to see how things work when they are on more than one platform.

Well, it can’t hurt right? Write.



  1. yoga-adan says:

    congrats on your sales! and even more congrats on a great wife 😉

    best wishes!

  2. beatbox32 says:

    Glad to see you’ve made progress Jeffrey! Sometimes all it takes is trying to help someone else out to help yourself out.

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