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Excuse me, have you seen a wagon full of writers pass by this way? I seem to have lost my place on it.

For the past two weeks I’ve done about zero on my novel. Perhaps only a few paragraphs at most. I had turned to working on the city map to clear my brain. Hoping that I just needed a bit of time to recharge. But that didn’t do much.

Not wanting to lose my creative energy I put my mind on the “Grimm” spec script and started piddling around with that. But like my novel, haven’t done any real work on it. Just a few ideas jotted down with a very basic idea of what I want to do with it.

My wife keeps telling me that I need to sit down and write something and power through it. She’s absolutely right. And it is what I have done in the past. But man the motivation isn’t there in the slightest. Instead, I’ve found myself playing games like “Legend of Grimrock” and “Tribes: Ascend.”

Which, incidentally, are both super awesome.

It is a strange place to be right now. Because its not like I don’t know what I have to do. I’ve heard and even said the many platitudes and words of encouragement needed to push on and get to writing. But man, the act is harder than the saying. Which I’m sure we are all aware of at this point.

As with all things, it will pass and I’ll be able to move on. The next chapters are at the tips of my fingers. I only need to put my pen to paper and get to gettin’. Right? Write.



  1. Welcome to my world. I have written nothing on any of the stories I have started. Instead, what does my brain do? My (diseased) brain starts tossing out suggestions on how to fix a story I shelved ages ago as untenable.

    I mean, on the one hand, yay, you know? I have some ideas on how to fix my werewolf story. But on the other hand, hello, novel that needs finishing.

    Maybe this weekend we’ll both blow past our blocks.

  2. Video games are a distraction. Nothing’s wrong with taking breaks, but at some point, you’ve got stop that and get back to work.

    I’d go with the “sit down and power through it” suggestion. That’s how I got “Battle for the Wastelands” finished after 2-odd years of dawdling.

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