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Just saw THIS article today. It appears as if young readers are stimulating the publishing industries growth with eBooks. Fantastic! Now we have middle aged women and kids on the eBook trend. Now if only we could get a demographic that I care about, the SciFi/Fantasy nerds, to jump into the game. Then I would be all set.

Come on nerds. Adopt the new technology already!



  1. philosophidian says:

    I’ve adopted it! It’s just…I have a stack of books approximately 15 feet tall that I haven’t managed to read, yet. And that’s on TOP of the ones I’ve got on the Kindle that I haven’t managed to read, yet.

  2. Yes! The Sci Fi/Fantasy demographic needs to get with the times. ebooks are the future. And yes, I am biased, because I write in that genre and want to take advantage of ebook self publishing 😉

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