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Writing Out of Order

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I don’t get how people do it. Over this weekend I had to do some major surgery with my novel and move some stuff around and ended up writing a few things out of order. And it really messed with my head. I began to forget what the characters did and did not know. When certain plot points happened or if I already mentioned something.  It let me know that I can’t do that.

But I admire those that can. It would be a lot easier if I could just pop around and write this scene here or that scene there. But I think my mind would implode. Especially since I’m doing a mystery. When your character is right in the middle of their investigation, writing different scenes can be super confusing.

Currently, I have an excel spreadsheet that lists each chapter long a column, with the dates that make up each chapter, with a another column for what happens in each chapter and even columns for individual characters to give me an idea of what they’re all doing during those days.

That’s no including my circle structure and frame written out for the book. Which both need to be revisited as their information isn’t compatible with how the story has changed since being written.

Oh the joys of writing a novel, right? Write.


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  1. I know some people that write the first draft out of order. That would DESTROY my brain if I tried that.

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