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Last night I wrote a difficult scene. Not because it was hard to figure out,  but because of my emotional investment into the character. Which is a wonderful experience. It means I’m starting to understand and see my main character as a real person. I want to see him attain his hopes and dreams just as mush as he does.

Unfortunately for him, I have to put a few road blocks in his way.

And in the current chapter, things turned a little more serious. My main character, Wil McEnroe, is loosely based off myself and my experiences growing up. Thankfully, I didn’t have it as hard as him. While I was bullied in school, I was never bullied to this extent. Working up the chapters, it had been verbal. Mostly names and jokes at my expense.

But in Chapter 9, things turned physically violent. I hated to do it to him. Especially in the circumstances that it happened. But I know, for his sake, that it is something that needed to happen.

I suppose what made it difficult was that I had been in his position emotionally. Feeling betrayed and alone.

Ultimately, I’m interested in seeing how my critique group reacts to this particular scene. It is pretty heavy for the tone of the book so far. But I feel that I’ve sewed enough that it felt like it was coming. Only time will tell.


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