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The UK and Me Are Friends

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One website Amazon offers is called Author Central. It is a website you can visit that gives you ranking information and allows you to setup an author page. It is where I got that graph I posted before. Well, that graph was just for US rankings. So I thought to myself, “I wonder if there is one for the UK?”

With a simple address change from .com to .co.uk I came to the UK version of the site. I logged in and found a lot of the same features. Heading over to the tab that gives me the stats I was kind of floored by what I saw.

First, I’d like to show you the up-t0-date graph for my US rankings. This is concerning “Slip Drive.”

Now, for the UK graph:

What a difference, right? “Slip Drive” has stayed above the #60,000 mark since mid February. Where for the US market it has been a super roller-coaster. I guess it helps that there are only 400,000+ books in the UK store compared to the US one-million plus. But, that doesn’t change the fact that for the UK it is getting a lot more exposure.

To a point.

Looking at actual sales between the two, they are about even. US is 12 units for March where UK is 11. So despite less competition in the latter, the former still gets more traffic. I’ll have to admit to myself, that’s pretty impressive.

It is fun to watch this stuff. To see how it is all working and getting a little taste of self-publishing. Now my next step to get out an anthology should be a real eye opener.

That will be fun, right? Write.


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