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This will be  quick one. My writing process is different than probably 99% of writers. I write in a notebook first. For some reason, my inner-critic doesn’t follow from the computer. I also save myself from online distractions. Inside a blank, spiral-bound notebook I am free to create.

This causes the “fun” side of having to transcribe everything later. My brother uses a digital pen that allows him to upload everything he’s written to his computer instantly. But for me, that cuts out a very valuable part of the process. Pre-editing. During the transcribe I allow myself the opportunity to make edits. It has generally been a few days since I’ve written whatever it is, so I fresh eyes on it.

A lot of the times I’m able to catch the little stuff quicker. Stuff like two sentences start with the same word or clumsy statements.

With that said, I just finished transcribing chapter 8. It puts my word count over 24k which lets me know I’m on track for the 50 I’m shooting for. While I’ve got it planned out, I’m still discovering a lot of cool ideas along the way.

I’m closing in on the big midpoint twist. I imagine my readers will like it.

Remember, the Weird is always around the corner.


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