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A Formal Apology to James R. Tuck

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I’ve had a corgdial exchange with the author of Blood and Bullets James R. Tuck. He was very understanding that I may not have enjoyed the novel, but he took issue–and rightfully so–with my insinuation that he stole or plagiarized any work from another source for his novel. I won’t bother going into detail about what it was, as I’ve also taken the step to remove that section of my review.

But I do want to take this opportunity to extend a sincere apology to him and whatever damage my words may have caused. I did not meet my original intentions with the review and after rereading my words, I see that I did overstep my meaning.

And as a fellow writer pointed out, sometimes we come up with ideas that other writers and creators have also seen. In my own work, I’ve got very big similarities to Harry Potter that I’ve been having to strike down and rethink. And instead of giving James the full benefit of the doubt. I made a gross error and overstepped my words.

This is a small literary world. An even smaller one when dealing with Fantasy and SciFi themes. I can only hope that James R. Tuck will not hold this against me in the future. Whatever damage I may have caused him, I will gladly pull onto myself.

I would also like to request that anyone who may have tweeted and emailed my original review, to send this apology along with the corrected review.

Thank you,

— Jeffrey N. Baker


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