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The Forgotten Child

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Oh how we often forget our first children. See, for those that are fairly new, SLIP DRIVE is my second story I’ve put up on Amazon. This entire endeavor started with me uploading HIROKO’S TALE. It is a sweet love story written in the style of an old Fairy Tale or Fable. It first appeared in the anthology FABLES FOR JAPAN back in August.

Well, after the release of SLIP DRIVE, I kind of let it fall to the wayside. I’ve been putting a lot of my energy behind getting SLIP DRIVE’s name out there. Possibly because SLIP DRIVE is longer and I felt had a wider appeal.

So how is HIROKO’S TALE doing on the Amazon market? It has moved 416 units with 9 of those being purchased sales (I’m just looking at US markets for now). The second question then becomes, how does that compare to SLIP DRIVE? Moved 350 units; 12 purchases and 1 borrow.

A very stark difference there. SLIP DRIVE has a few more reviews which I think supports my idea on how important they are. But in all fairness, I haven’t pushed HIROKO like I’ve pushed SLIP DRIVE. Mostly because it is not really indicative of my overall style and genre. And it was my first attempt at this crazy experiment.

However, I do have future plans for my little darling love story. Once it is done with the KDP Select program I intend to offer it for free on my website. Then, I’ll attach it to two more Japanese themed Fairy Tales that I’ve written for FABLES FOR JAPAN Volume 3. Both of those will need to be converted from sequential art scripts into prose. Which will be nice, because one of them — FIFTY TO ONE — will have room to be fleshed out. In its original form I had to cut it down from 24 comic pages to 4. I was sad to see a lot of the story cut. But what was left will make for a very powerful 4 page comic.

All of this will be coming once FABLES FOR JAPAN Volume 3 has been out for a while. So I don’t expect this three story anthology to be out until sometime this winter. But I’m excited for it because of how different it is from most of the things I write.

Other Future Projects

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now. I’m doing some rewrites my next short story, THE AFTERLIFE HYPOTHESIS. It will appear in my forth coming SciFi anthology ALTERVERSE. Along with that I’m plugging away at my YA novel. My local critique group just read over chapters 5 and 6 and so far I’ve been getting very good reactions. It is exciting to see how pumped a few of them are when they get those next pages. Knowing that I’m on the right track puts a fire in my step.

And there is nothing wrong with a fire in your step, right? Write.


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