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Well, two posts on Brandon Sanderson in two days. This happened by circumstance. I was trolling through one of my favorite websites, Reddit, when I came across THIS post. Inside are links to lectures by Brandon Sanderson on writing. The first set is about Plotting, second on Description and Viewpoint, And third is the 2nd Law of Magic.

Specifically, these are geared toward those that are fantasy writers. But there are some great gems in here for anyone. I just finished the Plotting lecture and learned a great way to setup an outline. It is already very similar to what I’m doing now but adds a new layer that I really enjoy and will actually go back into my outline and add this in. Just to make sure I’ve hit some solid points.

There is something to be said about an author’s willingness to teach others. He is very transparent about his methods and doesn’t appear to be holding anything back. Often times in the art field you can run across people who hold of their “tricks” close to their chest. Afraid that if they teach you, you’ll become better than them.

Well, there is enough room for all of us. And I thank Brandon for giving us a glimpse into his methods.

And full transparency on my part. I have only read a sample of Brandon’s work and started on Warbreaker just last night. So I can only really speak on his willingness to offer guidance. When I first read the sample of Mistborn, I wasn’t too excited. Mostly because I think my brain can’t handle another fantasy world.

I believe I’ll need to give it another go. Just after I finish all the other books I have to read. That shouldn’t be too hard, right? Write.


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