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Slip Drive Cover

We are proud to announce the release of my newest short story, SLIP DRIVE. Get it now for your Kindle, or other devices that can run the Kindle App. Just $0.99!

Teleportation–a dream for all man kind–has become reality. Dr. Kalvin Yearsling stands on the brink of changing the world with his creation–The Slip Drive. A quantum engine, able to move matter across distance in only moments.

Exhaustive testing has yielded positive results. Now, despite his colleagues warnings, Dr. Yearsling calls for human trials. The first subject, himself.

Sometimes, the slightest miscalculation can have devastating results…

It has been a lot of fun to get this one off the ground. It is in the vein of the classic Twilight Zone. When man plays with the laws of nature, he gets burned!

If you get a chance, rate and leave a review on the Amazon page. I’d also love to hear your comments here on the blog. Even if you hated it, let me know. I can only get better, right? Write.


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