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New Website: Reddit Authors

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Daily I use the website reddit for all my news and funny cat picture needs. For those that do not know about it, reddit is a news aggregate that is 100% user driven. Along with the standard front page, you have access to several thousand sub-reddits. These are areas that are geared toward a specific theme or topic.

One of these sub-reddits is a one of my favorites–r/writing. The users are very active and love to submit their work for critique, post links to interesting blogs or webpages, or a place to promote your new work. Recently a user by the name of Karlgrave has started a new website called Reddit Authors.

This page is a repository geared toward giving long time redditors a place to link their book. While you must be a redditor in order to get your book listed, I still think it’s a great place for others  to find good books. A place where we can all support up and coming authors.

I encourage everyone to check it out. There’s something there for everybody. Fiction and Non-Fiction alike. It’s clean and easy to navigate. I expect some great things to happen with Karl Grave’s website.


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