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On Fables for Japan and Novels

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Fables for Japan

I’ve been a very busy boy since October. Last year I participated in an anthology put together by Jason T. Minor, the Lead Character Artist for Bioware, Austin–currently working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. After the tsunami that wreaked havoc across Japan it was proposed to get a bunch of writers and artists involved in a special, Japanese themed anthology where all the proceeds went to the Japan relief effort.  And so, “Fables for Japan” was born.

For Volume 1 I wrote a short story called, “Hiroko’s Tale” that was illustrated by the venerable Leanne Buckley, a coworker of mine. Between the two of us, I think we came up with something very special.

Unfortunately Leanne and I couldn’t make the deadline for Volume 2. But, Volume 3 has come around and we attacked it with a quickness. For this go around, I decided to go with writing two sequential art scripts (my first time doing any comic writing). Each story is a loose sister piece to each other, that I think will be a lot of fun for readers. We also added our friend Chris Bivins to take on illustrating one of the stories.

I won’t go into anything yet, but maybe once some drawings start popping up I’ll upload them here so you can see the process.

Young Adult Novel

Aside from the anthology I’ve also started working on my Young Adult novel, in earnest. You can actually read the flash fiction that spurred the idea for it. Back in October of 2011 I was doing one flash fiction a day. One of them was “Lunch Hour.” After getting about 1200 words into it I realized I was starting on a novel.

So, I stopped writing the flash fiction and started writing some background notes. Those turned into an outline. That outline turned into something that covered eight books.

Looks like I’ve got a series on my hands.

Which seems to be the standard these days. It used to be, with Tolkien and Lucas, you needed a trilogy. Everything came in threes. Nearly every Dragonlance novel was comprised of a set of three.

I’m not sure when it changed. Maybe it was popularized by Robert Jordan‘s “Wheel of Time,” or George R. R. Martin‘s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”  But regardless of who started it,  it is all about the big series now. And it makes sense. It is how we consume entertainment in this modern age. Season after season of a television show. Comic after comic. People love to keep reading about their favorite characters.

And who am I to say no to that. Right? Write.



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