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Let’s Update

Just wanted to talk about what I’m currently up to and where things are headed.

In the World of Writing.

I’ve been keeping myself busy writing some short stories to have my local critique group smash. So far I’ve submitted two Sci-Fi shorts titled “The Afterlife Hypothesis” and “Slip Drive.” Kat, who runs the group (I hesitate to give out her full name. Permissions and such you know) pointed out I have a thing for alternate universes/realities. Which I suppose I do as both stories deal with that concept to one degree or another. In this case, both stories have a different take on it.

There seemed to be a consensus that both could be sellable after some edits. I have to admit that when I set out to write them it wasn’t my intent. I was just having fun playing with some “toy trucks.” Ideas to just play with. But if they think I can, I might as well try.

I’m also excited because I feel that I’ve reach a good point in the back end development of my Y.A. novel to start. It is something like Potter meets Cthulhu. Which I’m excited to write. The hook is that magic is real. But only the bad guys have it. I enjoy for my heroes to be out matched in horror novels. Should really build the suspense.

In the World of Games.

While that is all happening I’m also learning the Dragon Age Toolset ,  The Elder Scrolls Construction Set, and the Neverwinter Nights Toolset. I’m at different stages of all of them but getting a good handle on it all. Each has their strength and their weakness. I must say that I love how TES’s wall assets are so seamless when you put them together. I wish DA was more like that. I’ve written out several little module ideas. Ones that are easy to produce but will be fun for people to play. Modules that I can demonstrate the ability to Script, Write Dialogue, and use a particular toolset.

So far it is all coming along swimmingly.

In the World of Reading.

I finished “A Dance with Dragons,” which I feel didn’t get started until about page 600. But after that things became very interesting. Right now I’m still between books. I’ve sampled both Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss but their work didn’t grab me. I don’t know if it is because I’m fantasied out or the concepts didn’t interest me. My D&D mates say I really need to read them, so I’ll have to give it a shot.

In the meantime I’m reading “The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design” which has been a good source for information. I’ve played video games since a young lad, now I can start to see why I thought some games were better than others and where some could have used improvement.

And that is my long update. Thanks for coming by and and I hope you were enlightened. You were, I’m sure. Right? Write.

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