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How do we measure success?

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For the past thirteen days I’ve been consistently writing a new piece of fiction (if we don’t count weekdays, my vacation, and the two parters). As it draws on, I’m starting to get the itch to turn my focus back to my major projects. The goal of this self imposed challenge was to learn how to break some bad habits I have. One of those being editing while writing. It is a major hindrance to getting something done. I get so focused on each individual sentence and if it sounds right that I can’t move on and just get the story down on the page. Because of that, I gave myself the challenge.

With it I didn’t have time to consider each sentence. I just had to write. Get the sentences down and worry about editing later. I feel like I achieved that goal. Daily I was able to get out of my way and just write. Was everything good? Not at all. Did I get some good ideas out of it? Absolutely.

But, I feel to some degree I’m letting myself down by not going through with all thirty days. On the other hand, it is a self imposed challenge that had a simple goal that was met. So, should I keep slogging through with it or switch gears and get cracking on my major projects with a renewed vigor?

After some thought, I have decided that changing my focus is the right thing to do. My ideas are burning again and I don’t want to waste the energy. Thanks to those that read each one and gave me their thoughts. It was a fun thirteen days. Now, I don’t think I’ll stop these little flash fiction exercises all together. They’re fun and I can explore different ideas quickly. So I imagine I’ll be doing them now and then. Just to keep the juices flowing.

Seems like the right thing to do, right? Write.


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