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Day 9: What’s with the glitter?

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Jessica flashed her fangs. They gleamed in the vanity light from the visor. In the driver’s seat, her new friend Beth whipped her head back and forth between the road and the fangs, her eyes wide.

“Jess, those look so real. So awe-some. Where did you get them?” The corner of Beth’s mouth curled up.

Jessica flipped up the visor and leaned back in her seat, a smug look over her face. “There’s this dentist on 5th that makes ’em for, like, super cheap.”

“So awesome.” Beth repeated. The evening snow was coming down in large, slow flakes, that clung to the car’s windshield. Beth’s Honda vibrated from the snow chains wrapped around her tires. Ahead, her lights struggled to cut through the darkness. Beth was leaning forward, eyes squinted in an attempt to see further.

“Have you actually ever been there before?” Jessica was annoyed.

Rolling her eyes, “Yes.”

“Will there be any cute boys there?” Jessica ignored Beth’s harsh tone.

“I told you. This is the best Vampire LARP in the city. The guys are insanely hot and everyone is always in character. It’s the best.”

Jessica leaned back further in her seat and propped her feet up on the dash. Evanescence’s dark melodic tones filled the empty space between the girls. Habitually Beth checked the GPS on her phone, its blue light illuminating her sharp features. Worry began to etch onto her face.

“Are we lost?”

“No. Let me concentrate. Geeze it’s coming down thick.” Beth leaned across her steering wheel and looked up into the black sky.

“Crap! Beth, dude!” Jessica braced her legs against the dash and tucked her head between her knees.

Beth looked just in time to see a human body huddled against the oncoming snow. Two quick jerks left and right on the steering wheel and Beth swerved around the person. Slamming both feet on the break pad, the tire chains bit hard into the ice covered asphalt. A rough grinding noise blasted over the girls screams like giant stones being ground against each other. The car stopped with a jerk, sending empty fast food cups and discarded clothes flying into the front seats.

White knuckled and breathing hard, Beth stared straight ahead into the darkness, unable to move. Jessica lifted her head up from her lap and looked out of the back window. The person remained standing in the middle of the road, bathed in the red light of the brakes.

“Beth, Beth look.”

Still shaken, the young girl glanced into her review mirror.

“We have to go check on him.” Jessica undid her seat belt and dashed out of the car. The bitter cold night nipped at Jessica’s nose and snowflakes gathered on her wool knit cap. “Hey, dude. Are you okay?”

He, at least Jessica assumed it was a he, wore a large blue parka. Both hands were in his pockets and the hood was pulled up and hung low, concealing his face. His large, brown timberland boots were covered in a layer of ice and snow. A set of tire tracks snaked around him. Jessica shivered against the cold air. She approached the man, a sense of caution falling on the young woman. “Um… You okay?” Behind her she heard Beth get out of the car.

A few steps closer and fear started to tickle its way up Jessica’s spine.

“For Christ’s sake!” The man shuddered and fell to his knees. Jessica let out a little cry and jumped back. He whipped his hood back and now Jessica could see sweat pouring down his face and his eyes were wide with terror. “Did that just happen?” he screamed.

Jessica rushed to the guy, hoping she could relieve his shock of almost becoming road kill.

“You guys, like, came out of nowhere!” He ran his hands through his wet blonde hair.

Helping him to his feet, Jessica said, “We’re so, so sorry man. We are just lost looking for this stupid party and its snowing like crazy and I swear, Beth didn’t see you. Are you okay? Do you need a ride?”

The man’s eye widened as he looked at Jessica and his mouth flopped open.

“Oh shit.” Jessica reached into her mouth and plucked out the prosthetic teeth. “They’re fake, no worries” She smiled at him, parading her real teeth.”

“Man, you nearly made me have a heart attack!” He laughed and calmed down instantly. “Yeah, my car broke down on Spektor, just a few hundred feet back.” He laughed again, ” I swear thought I had just walked into a horror movie.”

“Funny,” Beth purred from the trunk of her car. “Because that’s precisely what’s happened.”

White fangs flashed, then a blur of motion and the man, and Jessica, were dead before hitting the ice packed road.


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