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Trying to get back into the habit of posting updates on what is going on. So here we go. I have started meeting with a local group of Sci-Fi/Fantasy writers every other week. It has been the best writing group I’ve ever been a part of. Lots of varied and valid opinions from everyone. Plus they are all solid, capable writers in their own right. So bully there.

Personally I’ve been working on my first novel, “The Weird.” The slug I’ve been working with so far is this:

Teddy Roosevelt assembles a secret team to fight paranormal activity.

It was a fun place to start. A bit derivative of things like “Warehouse 13” or “X-Files”, but I wanted to see where I could take it. As with most things, as I began to get my notes in order and rules for the world things changed drastically. The focus on certain characters shifted around. Several were added or taken away. It really took on a life of its own.

But as the deeper I got into it the more I wondered if it was the story I actually wanted to tell. I have currently written the first two chapters and now doubt has set in. Not whether or not I am a good writer. But if it is a good story. Is it sellable? I suppose that is a bit early to ask.

My second book idea is a Y.A. Horror story. Like a Cthulhu for Kids. I know this is a contradiction in terms, but I think you can do some very interesting things with it. So like “The Weird” I’m starting to flesh out the rules of the world and find my characters. I’m even tempted to set both stories within the same world. That way I only have to keep so much information in my head at once.

Other than those two works I have a short story called “There Was a Death”, that I’m muddling through. Once I get it to a state I like I’ll post an excerpt here. It’s a pretty dense concept about reality, the after life, and the human consciousness.  It is a lot to pack in and make understandable, but I think my take on it is interesting. We’ll see.


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