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On Amanda Hocking and Self Publishing

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Amanda Hocking. Its a name that has been flapping around the interwebs intertubes Internet for the past few weeks now. She has become the poster child for Self Publishing through the Kindle Store.  Currently, so it is reported, Amanda sells roughly 100,000 copies a month through the online store. Admittedly she currently has eleven books on her author site. So by shear volume it isn’t so hard to see why she can keep up those numbers per month.  I mean, you need the whole trilogy right?

Its awesome to see though. Kindle has opened the doors for us fledgling authors. It has given us a chance to get our work out to a large audience. And she is proof that you don’t need to be a traditionally published author to get noticed. However, I’m plagued by a few questions that keep popping up in my head.  First, she writes Paranormal Romance novels (read as ‘More Twilight’). So that begs the question, “Is she getting such large numbers because they’re good books?  Or because she’s writing in a genre that is exploding right now?”. I’ll be honest and say I’m leaning towards the later of the two. Amanda’s first book “My Blood Approves” was released a good two years after Twilight. I have a strong feeling she struck while the iron was hot; and good for her.

The second question then is, “Is this just a fad?”.  I feel strongly that Self Publishing is the direction for me to head into. But there is that question about whether or not this trend will continue.  I have read statistics that eReader use is on the rise, especially amongst older demographics. My father has a Kindle and as far as I know, no one else in my family has moved over into this new technology; and I’m a gadget freak. I personally hope that it does continue. I hope that the market does move away from the traditional publication method. Should eReaders, PDFs, and other forms of digital reading become the norm then it will be far better for us authors trying to make a name for ourselves.

Of course, that also opens the door for a glut of books that would have never seen the light of day. Though, why shouldn’t they have a chance too? The market should determine if you’re successful, not some editor who just didn’t happen to like your work.

Now, I just need to write my book.


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