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Response from Clarkesworld Magazine

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        Hey everyone. Got word back from Neil Clarke on my submission, “The Black Wind”. He stated that “…unfortunately [my] story isn’t quite what’re we’re looking for right now.” While I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t get accepted, I still appreciate the opportunity and hard work he and his team must do in order to go through so many submissions. I also wanted to extend a thank you to Clarkesworld Magazine for giving this outlet for many up and coming authors.

        With that said I’m re-uploading my short story to its original post for everyone to read. I know some of you didn’t get a chance to do that. Please feel free to leave me any critiques you want in the comments section.

        Now is where I put that one behind me and keep moving forward with my next projects and ideas. I’ve whittled it down to two ideas that I’ll flesh out further. Both are a couple of shorts, but I feel one can be drawn out to a full novel. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. Neil Clarke says:

    Here through the wonder of Google Alerts. Just wanted to mention to you that most magazines are looking for first rights. Publishing a story on your website, even temporarily, counts as a first printing. If we had accepted your story and discovered that it had been previously posted here, we would have had to revoke the offer. I figured you might want to know that now rather than find out at a more inconvenient time.

    Best of luck in your writing career and thanks for the kind words. Always nice to know that what we do is appreciated.

  2. Jeff Baker says:

    @Neil Clarke
    Neil, thank you so much for informing me on this. I had no clue and feel a bit of egg on my face. Getting into this world of writing and publication is very new and I’m thankful that I’m learning these things early on.

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