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Working out ideas

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Going on with the idea of “The Snow Flake Method” I have written down six ideas. Some would work well as a shorty story. While others could easily be fleshed out to a novel. The first two are actually one and the same. They are both different perspectives of the same story. The reason I broke them into separate “flakes” was to be able to work on them with complete attention to its particular theme. Those two are specifically for my Dragon Age module. Each story represents one of the two origins you can pick to kick start the adventure.

Here is the list I have come up with:

1. A secret village of City Elves has been discovered and now much decide whether to fight or flee.

2. The town of Marstone is fighting off the Dark Spawn strike squads when they come across a hidden village of City Elves.

3. A Stormtrooper grows disenfranchised with the Empire and defects with explosive consequences.

4. An aging hit-man who underwent experimental bio-engineering must contend with the younger more advanced generation.

5. A young man runs a foul of an ancient artifact that hurls him into a world of horror and heroism.

6. A galactic general seeks to bring down an empire of nepotistic leaders and free the known worlds.

Each of those are more or less straight from my journal. I need to spend some more time on each and really flesh out that single sentence to make sure it is as engaging and descriptive as it can be. There are a few I’m still not entirely happy with. Currently I’m leaning the most towards the Stormtrooper idea as it is the most solid in my mind and would be a quick short story. The others (excluding the modules) will require a fair amount of prep work on designing the world and different technologies. I’ll keep everyone posted on what I decide to start on.


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